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Venison Seasoning

Rub on venison, elk, boar, moose, bison, or any wild game. Tastes great on "Store Bought Meat" too!

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NEW: Hickory Seasoned Salt

Add a wonderful hickory flavor to meats, vegetables and salads. Use as an all purpose table seasoning.

Chipotle Cheddar Hunter Beef Sticks

For our "Hunter" stick varieties, they have a little "tang" to them. You know how summer sausage is a little sour? That's how these are. For this variety, we add chipotle and cheddar. It cheesy and spicy and just a great combo. If you like our Jalapeno Cheddar Hunter Sticks, you'll love these!

Original Buffalo Jerky

This has a mild flavor with many spices. This Tastes a lot like beef jerky but even leaner (and our beef is lean). This buffalo jerky variety has been satisfying many palates since the late-80’s.

NEW: Butter Garlic Seasoning

Try our Butter Garlic Seasoning with loads of real butter flavor. Great on garlic toast, veggies, mashed potatoes, kabobs, chicken, pork and beef as well as popcorn.