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Truffle Summer Sausage

This is our newest summer sausage variety. It has a great truffle flavor and we add a little coarse black pepper to kick it up a notch. The aroma for this variety is unmistakably truffle!!

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Morel & Swiss Hunter Sticks

Morel Mushrooms are the star ingredient for this variety of beef sticks. Swiss cheese is added to make these sticks over the top. And because this is one of our hunter varieties, it has a little "tang" to it.

Elk Summer Sausage

Our Elk Summer Sausage is extremely lean and tastes a lot like venison (just a touch less gamey).

Elk Hunter Sticks

Our Elk Hunter Sticks have a little "tang". You know how Summer Sausage has a little sour taste to them...that's how these are. We also add a little extra coarse pepper. The Elk meat make these super lean.

Chipotle Cheddar Beef Summer Sausage

We use whole muscle meat for our summer sausage. We use a combination of the shoulder for flavor and the round for the lean. For this variety, we add chipotle and cheddar. It cheesy and can you go wrong!!