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Kryptonite Beef Jerky

How can we have a Superman Beef Jerky and not a Kryptonite beef jerky!!? So, like everyone should know, Kryptonite is hotter than Superman. It’s sweet with EXTREME heat. We use both habanero and ghost chili…and a lot of each. Now even though this is “melt-your-face” hot, it still has a killer flavor if you can handle the heat. Rating in heat: 13.86

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Hellfire Beef Jerky

This is our original HOT beef jerky. Since the mid-80’s we’ve been burning taste buds by the hundreds of thousands! Habanero is the star ingredient in this classic along with many other spices. If your buds can handle the heat, you’ll notice there’s a lot more than just the burn. No MSG! Rating in heat: 10

Triple Dog Dare Beef Jerky

This is the HOTTEST jerky we make. It's made with Ghost Pepper, Habanero, and the world's hottest pepper…The Carolina Reaper. Eat this beef jerky with caution. Rating in heat: 15+

Superman Beef Jerky

This is a very very hot BBQ beef jerky. In addition to being hot, it is also sweet. Habanero also plays a key role in this variety. Rating in heat: 9.5

Original Beef Jerky

This is the one that started it all back in 1975. This is our most popular and probably always will be. If you’re in doubt, Original Beef Jerky is the perfect place to start. It’s mild with a combination of many many spices.