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Elk Jerky

The elk meat we use for our jerky is all natural, free range and have never received growth stimulants, hormones or growth promoting antibiotics. It’s a very soft meat, and has very little (if any) gamey taste. It is extremely lean, so if you’re health conscience, it’s a perfect choice.

Maple Elk Jerky

Our original seasoning is the base for this variety. It is very mild with a great maple flavor. We use pure Michigan Maple Syrup to give this variety its unique and sweet maple taste.

BBQ Elk Jerky

This is another variety we started making in the late 80’s. We put a lot of different spices into this elk jerky variety to make the perfect BBQ flavor. It’s a little sweet with a perfect blend of a lot of different spices. Our Elk is all free range. No MSG.

Double Smoke Original Elk Jerky

What we’ve done here is take the original elk jerky and really hit it with some serious rich all natural hickory smoke. When you think of “old school” jerky, this is what you get. All of our elk is free range. No MSG!

Original Elk Jerky

This variety has been pleasing jerky fans since the late-80’s. We use our most popular original seasoning elk jerky variety. It’s mild flavor mixed with a lot of different spices give this one the perfect balance of taste.