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NEW: Diablo Beef Jerky

We use our Dublin's All Purpose Seasoning as the base for this variety. So it has a lot of garlic, onion, coarse black pepper, and some birdseye chili for a little kick. This variety has no sugar, and like every variety we MSG.

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Hellfire Beef Jerky

This is our original HOT beef jerky. Since the mid-80’s we’ve been burning taste buds by the hundreds of thousands! Habanero is the star ingredient in this classic along with many other spices. If your buds can handle the heat, you’ll notice there’s a lot more than just the burn. No MSG! Rating in heat: 10

Superman Beef Jerky

This is a very very hot BBQ beef jerky. In addition to being hot, it is also sweet. Habanero also plays a key role in this variety. Rating in heat: 9.5

Kobe (Waygu) Beef Jerky

Yes, Kobe Beef Jerky. The best meat known to mankind…and we’re making jerky with it! This meat is really known for its marbling. The marbling makes this jerky extra tender as well as extra tasty. We use our most popular original seasoning for this variety. This too is a top 10 most popular. No MSG!

Sweet Heat Beef Jerky

The name says it all…sweet with the perfect amount of heat. Brown sugar is the sweet and habanero is the heat. We also have a few other secret ingredients for this beef jerky variety we won’t mention. This has been a serious fan favorite since the mid-90’s. Top 5 most popular. Rating in heat: 3