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NEW: Buttery Steakhouse

Add the buttery rich flavor to any steak, chicken or chops that the whole family will love.

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Morel & Swiss Hunter Sticks

Morel Mushrooms are the star ingredient for this variety of beef sticks. Swiss cheese is added to make these sticks over the top. And because this is one of our hunter varieties, it has a little "tang" to it.

Dublin's All Purpose Seasoning

This seasoning we've been making since the early 90's. It's a chunkier seasoning meaning it has bigger pieces of garlic, onion, and pepper. It is also very low in salt. It's a perfect all purpose seasoning for steaks, hamburgers, vegetables, or anything to make taste better. No MSG & Gluten Free!

Morel & Swiss Summer Sausage

***DUE TO HIGH DEMAND FOR THIS PRODUCT, SHIPPING FOR THIS PRODUCT IS SLIGHTLY DELAYED. We use whole muscle meat for our summer sausage. We use a combination of the shoulder for flavor and the round for the lean. This variety has both morel mushrooms and swiss cheese; a combination that works wonderfully! This is also one of our most popular products in the entire store. Due to the increase in online orders, note that there may be a delay in shipping. Thanks for understanding.

Cheddar Hunter Beef Sticks

This is our newest creation and we did it because we had so many requests to do it. Like our summer sausage, this variety has a little "tang" to it. And the cheddar pairs so nice!