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Buffalo Jerky

Our buffalo jerky tastes a lot like our beef jerky. It’s extremely lean and has a very mild (not gamey) flavor. We get all our buffalo from a ranch out West where the buffalo are free to roam, are all natural, and have a grass and corn-fed diet. For the more health-conscience, this it a perfect option.

Original Buffalo Jerky

This has a mild flavor with many spices. This Tastes a lot like beef jerky but even leaner (and our beef is lean). This buffalo jerky variety has been satisfying many palates since the late-80’s.

Double Smoke Buffalo

What we've done here is take our Original Buffalo and hit it with some serious hickory smoke. It has a rich smoky flavor coupled with our original seasoning. If you're looking for an extra lean tasty treat, this will do it. All of our buffalo is free range. No MSG!