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Birdseye Chili Beef

This variety is in the middle of the pack as far as heat. It has Original seasoning as the base and we spice it up with birdseye chili. This chili is hotter than a jalapeno and not as hot as a habanero. 1-10 in heat: 5

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Kobe (Waygu) Beef Jerky

Yes, Kobe Beef Jerky. The best meat known to mankind…and we’re making jerky with it! This meat is really known for its marbling. The marbling makes this jerky extra tender as well as extra tasty. We use our most popular original seasoning for this variety. This too is a top 10 most popular. No MSG!

Jerky Chew

When we hang our jerky, there are always some small pieces that we grind up and make into our "jerky chew." It is a combination of all our jerky varieties, but the majority is beef. The uses are endless for this. Put it on a salad, add it to chili, mashed potatoes, or even scrambled eggs. We've even heard of people using it for a coating for fried pork chops. But what really takes the cake, we had a customer add it to cream cheese and made fried wontons.

Cajun Beef Jerky

This variety we’ve been making since the mid-80’s. This beef jerky has got a great Cajun flavor with a little heat. No MSG & Gluten Free. Rating in heat: 1

Honey Chipotle BBQ Beef Jerky

This is very new to our lineup and is in the process of becoming a crowd favorite. Our BBQ seasoning is the base for this beef jerky variety. We then add a bunch of honey and chipotle. The combination is really spectacular. No MSG! Rating in heat: 1