Dublin Jerky Company of Grandville Michigan - You haven't tasted jerky until you've tasted ours!
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Why Dublin Jerky Company of Grand Rapids Michigan??

If you are a hunter or fisherman, you've probably been to the Dublin General Store or at least heard of it. Located in Dublin, MI, we have become known for our amazing Jerky. With a mention in Esquire Magazine for being the 18th best detour in the entire United States, it is becoming easy to see what all of this "jerky fuss" is all about. Now, with a convenient second location, Dublin Jerky Company is located in Grandville (just outside of Grand Rapids), 1 mile West of Cabala's. In addition to 65 varieties of jerky, we also have a vast selection of homemade brats, hotdogs, summer sausage, beef sticks, excellent-priced steaks, smoked cheese, smoked BBQ ribs, and a jerky dip that has everyone talking.

Dublin Jerky prides itself on being a locally owned family business. Created in Michigan, we enjoy using other Michigan made products in our recipes. Some of the favorites include: Bell's Two Hearted Ale in our Beer and Onion Brats, and Grand Traverse Late Harvest Riesling in our Cheese and Wine Brats. We also use Michigan Maple Syrup in some of our jerky varieties as well as our Maple Bacon Brats. Another popular product is our Morel and Swiss Summer Sausage made with Morel Mushrooms.

Of these 65 varieties of jerky, there are many meats to choose from. We offer beef, turkey, chicken and pork, to buffalo, venison, elk, ostrich, kangaroo, antelope, wild boar, rabbit, gator, pheasant, duck, and even python. Our varieties range from mild, sweet, and hot, to insanely hot. The hottest being "Kryptonite Beef" made with both Habanero and Ghost Chili peppers.

Now, just like the original store "Up North", Dublin Jerky has become quite a little tourist attraction. We have customers traveling hundreds of miles for a taste of our unique products, and we have thousands of facebook fans all over the World. If you're traveling to Grand Rapids, or if you're already here, you've got to check out Dublin Jerky. It's quite a unique little shop.


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Family owned since 1935
Delicious home cured jerky, made from our own secret recipe!
Dublin Jerky Company
3136 44th St.
Grandville, Michigan 49418
616 726-7900
Fax: 616 726-7901
Located across the Rivertown Crossings Mall (Next to Cabela's)
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jerky spiced and ready to be enjoyed
Welcome To Dublin Jerky Company of Grandville Michigan
dublin jerky spices and rubs for cheeses and meatsYou will also find brats and hotdogs, very well-priced steaks, beef sticks, various spices and rubs, cheese curds, aged and smoked cheese, summer sausage, deli meats, candies and chocolates, and of course THE Dublin Jerky Spread.  
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