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Pork Jerky Varieties

Pork Jerky

We use a boneless sirloin for all of our pork jerky varieties. Itís lean with a little fat, but the little fat there is, really adds to the overall flavor. We only have 3 varieties of the pork jerky, but two of them are classics from way back.

pork jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan

This variety is a little sweet with a subtle pineapple flavor with a touch of ginger; a combination that works really nice. This has been a crowd pleaser since the late-80ís.

This is another variety we started making in the late-80ís. We put a lot of different spices into this variety to make the perfect BBQ flavor.

The perfect Caribbean spice. A lot of those big island spices goes into this variety. We even add a little habanero for some kick. Rating in heat: 2.5

more pork jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan
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