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Exotic Jerky Varieties
Grand Rapids, MI

exotic jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan
Our Alligator comes from Louisiana, so we paired it with our Cajun seasoning. It has a great Cajun flavor with a little spicy kick. We use 100% tenderloin for our alligator jerky. Rating in heat: 1

All of the meat used for our Duck Jerky is cage free and stress free. We use our original seasoning along with a touch of brown sugar to compliment this rich and extremely flavorful meat.

Our ostrich jerky is very lean (probably our leanest jerky), with a delicate flavor similar to beef. It is extremely low in fat, with very little cholesterol. One thing too that a lot of people donít know about ostrich is that it is a red meat. We use our original seasoning for this variety. Itís mild and has a lot of different spices to compliment this meat well.

We use the thigh meat for our pheasant jerky. Itís a dark meat and has a rich flavor, but most important, itís not overly dry. Itís a little on the fatty side (as thigh meat can be), but super flavorful. All of our pheasant meat comes from birds raised in the most natural of ways. We use the original seasoning for our pheasant jerky. Its mild seasoning mixes well with this particular meat.

Kangaroo meat is extremely healthy. Fat levels of kangaroo meat are typically 1-2%. The taste of our kangaroo jerky is similar to venison but little more gamey. We use our most popular original seasoning for this variety. This seasoning is mild enough so you can really taste the uniqueness of this exotic meat. And hereís little factÖKangaroo meat is a staple of the menus of the US Olympics training center.

We use whole rabbit tenderloins for our rabbit jerky. So youíll notice, like all tenderloins, itís a little bigger on one side and tapers down. Itís very tender and tastes a lot like turkey. We use our original seasoning for this variety.

We only make python jerky a few weeks out of the year from mid-November to Christmas. This is probably our most unique exotic jerky we make. Itís flavored with our original seasoning and it shrinks down more that any jerky we make; it looses about 60% of its original weight. Therefore, this is drier, and a little tougher. And of course, it tastes a little like chicken.
All of the meat used for our antelope jerky is free range. It has a similar taste to venison and has 1/3 the calories of beef. We use our original seasoning for this variety. This mild seasoning does not trump the unique flavor of this exotic meat.

Our wild boar consumes a free range diet. The meat for our wild boar jerky is naturally lean, and extremely high in protein. It has a nutty, sweet, and intense flavor. Also, it is darker than your everyday pork. The best way to describe this variety is a sweet ham flavor.

exotic jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan

more exotic jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan
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