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Chicken Jerky Varieties

Chicken Jerky - Grand Rapids, MI

We use the chicken tender for our chicken jerky. This gives us the perfect consistency for both taste and texture for all varieties. We currently have 5 varieties of chicken jerky ranging from mild to sweet to medium heat.

chicken jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan

This variety is mild, but bursting with big teriyaki flavor.

We put a lot of different spices into this variety to make the perfect BBQ flavor. Itís sweet with a perfect blend of many spices.

This is the jerky version of Buffalo Wings. Is has the perfect bite. Not too hot, and not too mild. And if you really want to get creative, dip this one in blue cheese. Quite Tasty. Rating in heat: 2.5

Our most popular original seasoning is the base for this variety and is sweetened with brown sugar and cherry juice. Tied for most popular chicken jerky.
The perfect Caribbean spice. A lot of those big island spices goes into this variety. We even add a little habanero for some kick. Tied for most popular chicken jerky. Rating in heat: 2.5

more chicken jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan
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