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Buffalo Jerky Varieties

Buffalo Jerky - Grand Rapids, MI

Our buffalo jerky tastes a lot like our beef jerky. It’s extremely lean and has a very mild (not gamey) flavor. We get all our buffalo from a ranch out West where the buffalo are free to roam, are all natural, and have a grass and corn-fed diet. For the more health-conscience, this it a perfect option.

buffalo jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan

This has a mild flavor with many spices. This variety has been satisfying many palates since the late-80’s

The name says it all…sweet with the perfect amount of heat. Brown sugar is the sweet and habanero is the heat. We also have a few other secret ingredients we won’t mention. Rating in heat: 3

We put a lot of different spices into this variety to make the perfect BBQ flavor. It’s little sweet and has a perfectly balanced flavor.

This variety has a big Cajun flavor with a little spicy kick. Rating in heat: 1
We use our most popular original spice for this variety. We also hit it with some serious hickory smoke to give it that rich smoky “old school” taste.

more buffalo jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan
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