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Best Beef Jerky Varieties

Best Beef Jerky - Grand Rapids, MI

We start with the best whole-muscle beef specially made for Dublin Jerky, add the highest quality spices, and smoke it to perfection. Our best beef jerky is known for being a little more on the moist side. Our best beef jerky is also extremely lean. There is not a shred of fat on it. This ultimately gives you a very healthy snack. We find ourselves saying this a lot, “It’s the tri-fector of foods…low fat, low carbs, high protein.”

We currently have 17 varieties of best beef jerky. They range from mild, to sweet, to hot, to insanely hot. Next to each variety, you’ll find a short description, how they rank in heat (1-10), sweetness, popularity, and even a little history for some varieties.

beef jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan

seasoned beef jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan

This is the one that started it all back in 1975. This is our most popular and probably always will be. If you’re in doubt, Original Beef Jerky is the perfect place to start. It’s mild with a combination of many many spices.

This is another very popular variety, ranking in the top 5 for most popular. We’ve been making this one since the early 80’s. It’s mild, but bursting with big teriyaki flavor.

We started making this variety in 2008. Right from the start, this one has been our 2nd most popular jerky. It’s made with Jack Daniels and Apple Cider. It’s mild and a little sweeter.

This is another variety we started making in the early 80’s. We put a lot of different spices into this variety to make the perfect BBQ flavor. It’s sweet and perfect and definitely a top 10 most popular. (# 1 with kids)

The star ingredient for this variety is the world famous ghost chili pepper that that dude from “Man vs. Food” made popular. Only thing, we were making this variety when he was still flipping burgers. Rating in heat: 10

The original seasoning is the base for this variety. It is very mild with a great maple flavor. We use pure Michigan Maple Syrup to give this variety its unique and sweet taste.

This variety we’ve been making since the mid-80’s. It’s got a great Cajun flavor with a little heat. Rating in heat: 1

The name says it all for this variety. Lots of garlic, and lots of onion. A match made in heaven. Simple, but so flavorful.

This is our original HOT jerky. Since the mid-80’s we’ve been burning taste buds by the hundreds of thousands! Habanero is the star ingredient in this classic. There are a lot of different spices in this variety. If your buds can handle the heat, you’ll notice there’s a lot more than just the burn. Rating in heat: 10

Yes, Kobe Beef. The best meat known to mankind…and we’re making jerky with it! This meat is really known for its marbling. The marbling makes this jerky extra tender as well as extra tasty. We use our most popular original seasoning for this variety. This too is a top 10 most popular.
The name says it all…sweet with the perfect amount of heat. Brown sugar is the sweet and habanero is the heat. We also have a few other secret ingredients we won’t mention. This has been a serious fan favorite since the mid-90’s. Top 5 most popular. Rating in heat: 3

What we’ve done here is take the original beef jerky and really hit it with some serious rich natural hickory smoke. When you think of “old school” jerky, this is what you get. This one is a top 5 most popular.

Original seasoning is the base for this variety. We then kick it up a notch with some coarse black pepper. This one isn’t really hot, it’s just really peppery. Another top 10 most popular.

Surprisingly, this one isn’t that spicy. It has a great Jalapeno flavor. Rating in heat: 1

This is a very very hot BBQ. Habanero plays a key role in this variety. Rating in heat: 9.5

How can we have a Superman Beef Jerky and not a Kryptonite!! So, like everyone should know, Kryptonite is hotter than Superman. Actually, Kryptonite is the hottest jerky we make. It’s sweet with EXTREME heat. We use both habanero and ghost chili…and a lot of each. Now even though this is “melt-your-face” hot, it still has a killer flavor if you can handle the heat. Rating in heat: 13.86

The original seasoning is the base for this variety and is sweetened with brown sugar and cherry juice. Another classic from the 80’s.

beef jerky varieties - Grandville, Michigan
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